I offer the following kinds of instruction for Violin and Viola students:

Weekly private lessons, both in-person and online
Group/small ensemble teaching
Coachings to prepare for an audition
Working with an accompanist
Asynchronous lessons (contact for more details)

I offer one free 30-minute trial lesson per family. Please reach out to me via phone or email and we will schedule a time.

My Students

I primarily work with intermediate (1+ years) through high school students. With younger students, an adult is required to attend lessons.

In addition to private lessons, it’s important that my students participate in a small group or ensemble. This could be siblings playing together or participating in a student orchestra. I work with each family to find the best opportunity for the student.

Many of my students participate and have been confident section leaders in local music organizations, including GTCYS, MYS, CVYO, Stringwood Summer Music Camp, and more.

My Teaching Philosophy

I teach people through the study of music. I always prioritize my students and enjoy learning about them, because I believe a strong partnership between the two of us will nurture their healthy musical journey.

With thoughtful instruction, I guide my students to become independent learners and reflective young musicians. Students are encouraged to ask questions, problem-solve, and analyze their own playing, thereby becoming their own best teachers.

I am committed to developing students’ confidence and leadership through the study of music. When students develop a strong technical approach to the violin, they can best explore their individual artistic expression. That is empowering.

I believe the long-term study of the violin–filled with countless hours of individual practice, rehearsals, and artistic exploration– blossoms young students into thoughtful, determined, art-appreciating adults. I enjoy guiding my students through the process and am lucky to learn alongside them, too.

I am grateful for my most influential teachers, including Bernard Zinck, Darcy Drexler, and Steven Amundson. All three professors challenged me with a nurturing demeanor, and this approach influences my teaching every day. Mastering the violin is hard, so it’s important to take a breath, laugh, and sometimes reward yourself with chocolate.